Biographical information

1991 (age 22)

  • Alive
  • TBA
Family information
Supernatural information
Played by
  • Ksenia Solo
First seen
  • TBA
Last seen
  • TBA


A young woman who's place of birth was a fortress, barracks, or military base. She was raised by her birth parents, who were part of a major noble house, either as household staff or blood relatives. She has a younger brother named Damarion that she still keeps in touch with, they're particularly close but haven't seen each other in 6 years. When growing up, she gained the powers of darkness. Its was an originally a power that belonged to her grandfather.


Beautiful and powerful. Sometimes when she finds herself in difficult situations, she acts quickly to protect to stay alive and protect the ones she loves and those who cannot protect themselves.


Ava can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows.

  • Darkness Healing (she can use darkness to heal themselves or others)
  • Shadow Camouflage (be unseen in shadows)
  • Night Vision (see in the dark)

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