Gallows Hill
Season Fan Specials, Episode FS20
Dark Reality episode
Air date May 2014
Written by LiamJaco1998lfc
Directed by LiamJaco1998lfc
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Witch Riot

Dark Reality is the twentieth episode of the Fan Specials side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).


POSSESS THE LIVING - Tom Branson; a boy on holiday with his family in Mexico, finds himself inside a supernatural playground when he gets hunted by an evil vampire Samuel Mantix ; who claims to be a Traveller and plans to kill the last of his desendents; Tom and his parents.


Main Article: Dark Reality/Story

Coming soon



  • Setting
    • Mexico - Present Day
  • Protagonists
  • Antagonists
  • Minor Antagonist
    • TBC
  • Features
  • Darker Reality is a 2008 American horror, Starring Daniel Baldwin and Alisha Seaton.
  • This Episode will have a shocking ending, that no one will see coming.
  • One of the main characters will visit The Other Side.
  • Peace will feature


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