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Season Two of Fan Specials the side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).

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Season Summary

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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Devils of Salem episode The Devils of Salem Writer: Icedancer487 Director: Icedancer487 TBA #FS23
MASS HYSTERIA - The once prosperous city of Salem is soon thrown into utter chaos. As mass hysteria breaks out among the public, Grace Webb must choose between doing what is right and what is best for her family. No matter what the decision someone will end up dead.
150px Sweet Revenge Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS24
REVENGE IS SWEET - Katherine Pierce is the mistress of revenge and she somehow gets her hands on the Bitorian and uses it to drag Caroline Dries into the dark world that she doomed her to, so she can enact her vengeance but she needs to get in line as a league of angry dead supernaturals and humans want in on the action.
150px Dark Truths Writer: LiamJaco1998lfc Director: LiamJaco1998lfc TBA #FS25
THERE FATE IS SEALED - While Tom and Ken are stuck on The Other Side, Milisa reveals how she was turned into a vampire, and starts to remember her sons life. Tom finds some unknown residents of The Other Side. And Ken's assumption about Samuel is wrong when Samuel plans to escape The Other Side and possess someone close to Tom. Meanwhile, Milisa and Jason try to find a way to bring them back, so they join forces with The Woman.
Grace episode Grace Writer: Icedancer487 Director: Icedancer487 TBA #FS26
The Devil's Due episode The Devil's Due Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS27

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