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Isabella "Izzy" Crow
Biographical information
  • 1995 (age 18)
  • Alive
  • Student
  • Human
  • Medium
Family information
Supernatural information
Played by
  • TBA
First seen
  • TBA
Last seen
  • TBA

This article has been abandoned by it's creator - so she is free game and can be used by any User.


When she was 16, she met and fell for a powerful vampire. But when his witch descendant found out about the relationship, she punished both of them. She killed Isabella's lover and cursed Isabella to see ghosts for the rest of her life. This caused Isabella to become a tortured soul.


Isabella is a unstable, yet innocent girl. Since she is a medium who is cursed to see dead supernatural creatures for the rest of her life, it has left her insane.


She is 5'5, olive skin, long brown, wavy hair and a nice figure. She loves to wear cute short dresses with combat boots or skinny jeans and sexy blouses with heels.

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