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Jack arrives back in Gallows Hill

In The Darkness... Jack reluctantly returns back to his hometown of Gallows Hill after being gone for a whole month, he return to pick up the remnants of what is left of his life, his grandmother Jeannie Mayfair who had been holding everything together, his business; his Coffeeshop Sacred Grounds, the home that he had inherited from his dead parents; Mayfair Family Home and most importantly his long term girlfriend Angelica Mason.

He comes roaring into Gallows Hill on his motorcycle and greets his shocked Grandma outside Sacred Grounds, he then receives a hard well-deserved slap from Angel and he his greeted by his long time friend, the loner Jessica Lyons. Jeannie gives Angel time off to be with Jack and the two eventually reconcile so much so that they are overcome with excitement and rush off immediately to have sex, they speed off on Jack's motorcycle towards the Mayfair Family Home.

Whilst at the Mayfair Family Home they have wild and passionate sex all over the house, declaring how much they love eachother and how much they missed one another. They are busted by Jeannie Mayfair who is distraught at finding them in all their naked splendor and the house to be in such a state, which Jack finds highly amusing. Jack finds out from Jeannie about the horrific murders that happened on the outskirts of town and she tells them to stay indoors, she applies Jack with Vervain that she had placed within some lemon tea. Dillon Mason arrives to pick up his daughter; Angel Jack and Angel embrace eachother and tell eachother that they love one another before Dillon takes his daughter home.

Later on that night Jack learns from his grandmother that his girlfriend had been attacked by "the serial killer" unaware that it was actually a Vampire, he accompanies Jeannie to Gallows Hill Hospital to where Angel had been taken. He is happy to see his girlfriend alive but is distraught to see her in such a state and states that he feels bad that he wasn't there to protect her but Angel reassures him that there was nothing he could have done. He is sent off by Dillon to fetch some hot drinks. When he is carrying the hot drinks back from the dispenser he witnesses his grandmother Jeannie and her best friend Jasmine Farrar appear as if out of nowhere, shocked and dumbfounded by what he witnessed he dropped the drinks and fled the hospital unable to comprehend what he just saw.

Jasmine and Jeannie give chase but cannot find him, Jeannie reveals herself to be a Psychic and Jasmine a Witch. Jeannie has a vision of two Vampires feeding on Jack, they use their combined powers to teleport to his location.

In Sacred Grounds...a flashback reveals that after the fled from the hospital he was pounced upon by a vengeful Olivia and Tammy who had just been attacked with Vervain by Dillon, they took him by surprise and Olivia fed from his neck and Tammy from his wrist and he soon lost consciousness before they whisked him away into the woods.

Jasmine and Jeannie appear in the woods and attack Olivia and Tammy with their powers, saving Jack's life. Once they have recovered Jack they teleport themselves to the Mayfair Family Home where he is set down upon the couch by Jeannie using Telekinesis. Jasmine proceeds to invoke Bona Dea and uses her healing light to fill Jack with life which heals his wounds. Jack awakes and lunges forward in shock at the horrors he has just witnessed and is confused as to how he didn't know that Vampires existed. Jack becomes angry as Jeannie explains to him that she kept this world from him for a reason and explains that he is all she has left. Jack then suspects that Jasmine and Jeannie are Vampires but Jeannie shoots down that presumption and tells him that she is not, he then asks her if she is a Witch? She also says no but then Jasmine reveals to him that she is indeed a Witch and Jeannie explains that she is a Psychic. Jack struggles to accept this new reality, he starts to drink bourbon and starts to exhibit dark emotions as he begins to cry. Jeannie then reveals to her that is was indeed a Vampire that attacked Angel and then he gets angry and throws the glass at the wall. He starts to calm down and he finds out that the Council know of Vampires and of Witches he also finds out who know what about who, Jasmine reveals that the Council does not know about herself and Jeannie and Jack must keep the secret. Jack thanks Jasmine for saving his life. Jeannie offers to take away his memory but Jack declines as he declares that he is tired of running away from things. Jack wants answers from Jeannie and she promises to answer everything but first she must show him something, she leads him out of the door and heads for Sacred Grounds.

Jack is shocked to find that Jeannie has concealed a group of Witches and Psychics within the basement of Sacred Grounds. When they enter the coffee shop they are shocked to find Jessica Lyons sat at a table crying, she explains that she was tired of living in the warzone that is her family's home, Jeannie tells her that Sacred Grounds is a coffee shop and not a hotel and that she must go even though she has no where to go. Jack takes pity on her and gives her a set of keys to his house and tells her to use the spare room for as long as she needs much to Jeannie's disgust, he tells her that no matter how alone she feels she will always have him as a friend.

Once she leaves Jeannie reveals a psychic illusion that is the back wall of the coffee shop and Jack is awestruck as the wall melts away before his eyes. Jeannie is shocked that Jack can see through the illusion and explains that he must have inherited the Psychic gene from his mother and goes on to say that he must be "Awakening" as a Psychic. Jack freaks out as he steps through the illusion into a long bright white corridor. Jeannie tells him that he has barely scratched the surface, they walk upto a strange stone face upon the wall, Jack was shocked to see his grandmother's eyes turn white as she placed her hand within the mouth of the face and muttered some words. Jack jumped in fear as the stone face sprang to life and demanded a password, the stone face called itself the Lapidis Faciem.

The mouth of the stone face opens wide to reveal a final doorway of light that they pass through, they both emerge into a huge subterranean temple that Jeannie called; The Arcanum - The HQ of the Witches and Psychics of Gallows Hill. Jack was awestruck at the scale and the beauty of the place. They are approached Felicity Cruz and Sonja Mizeris. Flick (Felicity) looked mortified that Jasmine had brought a Human into the sacred grounds of their ancestors; The Arcanum. Jeannie explains that Jack is awakening as a Psychic which makes him one of them. Jack looked shocked to see his old friend Flick there and she reveals that she is a Witch. Jeannie explains that to become a fully fledged Psychic there are mandatory trials that he must pass first. Jeannie introduces her "fledgling" apprentice Psychic prodigy Sonja to Jack. It is all too much for Jack to take in and he passes out but Flick catches him as he falls.

Jeannie and Sonja use their telekinetic powers to move Jack's unconscious body into a back room of the Arcanum. They lay him down on the floor covered in cushions and he begins to come around, he is disappointed that it wasn't all a bad dream. He demands answers from Jeannie as to why she kept all this from him. She reveals to him that she did it because she is all she has left and didn't want to put him into danger by revealing the truth to him, she goes on to reveal that it wasn't a heart attack that killed his Grandfather John Mayfair. He was infact turned into a Vampire as a vicious vendetta against Jeannie, she reveals that he attacked Jack and it was his blood that completed his transition and she was forced to stake him. Jack realizing that he couldn't remember anything, Jeannie must have erased his memory. He asks her if she took away his memory. She reveals that she didn't just take away his memory but the memories of all those who saw John as a Vampire and made them believe that he just died of a heart attack which was true it was a heart attack that killed him when he was being attacked by the Vampires in the first place, he explains that she had to take that away and had to carry that burden alone because it would have broken her family, she explains she did what she did to protect her legacy and because she loves her family.

She goes to to explain that now is the time for him to accept his legacy as a Mayfair and explains to Jack that each and everyone of the Mayfairs that Psychic abilities had manifested in, used that power to hunt and kill Vampires just as she does. She laments that she is getting to old to be hunting Vampires and that he must fully "awaken" and accept the Mayfair legacy so he can take her place as the Mayfair Psychic protector of the town. She reveals that she knew he was Psychic ever since he read Dillon's mind at the hospital. Jack was taken aback by all this.

Sonja offers Jack to take away his anxiety and anguish with a Psychic dose of drugs which Jack quickly declines. Felicity hands him a glass of water to which he gulps down. Flick asks him if he is ready, he is angry to realize that they had drugged him, Jeannie goes to to say that this is the first trial "Astral Projection", Jack must sink into She'ol and go through a series of tests, he must find his way back to this dimension the within an hour to complete the trial and then he will be sufficiently prepared for the next trial. Jack asks what happens if he fails and Sona tells him he will die before placing her hand on his forehead and Psychically sends him into She'ol.

...more coming soon.

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