Liam Nesson
Jacob Webb
Biographical information

1639 (Age 53)




Puritan Pastor







Family information
Family members

Fanny Webb (Wife)

Grace Webb (Daughter)

Frederick Webb (Grandson)

Lisa Webb (Descendant)

Anna Miller (Descendant)

Juliet Miller (Descendant)

Jimmy Miller (Descendant)

Supernatural information
Significant kills

Theodore Griffin

Played by

Liam Nesson

First seen

The Devils of Salem

Jacob Webb is the father of Grace Webb and husband to Fanny Webb. He was the Puritan Pastor of nearby counties during the Salem witch trials. He is an ancestor to the Webb family.

Early LifeEdit

Jacob Webb was born in 1639 to an average middle class family in Lancaster, England. He reguraly attended church and saw various Witch trials before reaching his teens. He eventually married a much younger women name Fanny and relocated to the Massachusettes colony where their daughter Grace was born.


He is a very devoted man to both his family and his job. He believes it is his job to go around and stop the prescense of evil demons such as witches. He is not aboving killing people who he believes his guilty of witchcraft or going against god.

As the witch trials continued, Jacob fell into a depression that slowly lead to him losing his mind. This caused him to become violent and unrational. Once his wife and daughter were accused of witchcraft he ordered them to be arrested without remorse.


  • Jacob Webb is based off the real life Salem, Puritan Pastor John Hale.
  • He is unaware that both his wife and daughter are witches.

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