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Jaden Kenser
Biographical information

1981 (11/Unknown Vamp age)



  • Undead
  • Student
  • Human (Originally)
* Vampire
  • Male
Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
Cause of death
  • Broken Neck
Killed by


Played by

Greyson Chance


Jayden Kenser is the older brother of Jessa Kenser, like his sister he is a ex-member of a Werewolf pack in New Jersey. But unlike his sister he is a vampire. 

Early LifeEdit

He was born into a New Jersey pack of Werewolves but the Werewolf gene didn't seem to have passed down, this was proved as he didn't turn after his mother dying during childbirth, he was extensibly bullied at school, his one solace was his English Teacher who unbeknowst to him was a Vampire, she compelled him to drink her blood and then she killed him, making him a Vampire, he enjoyed being strong and he got revenge on the kids that were mean to him and then then ran away in search of the pack and his sister Jessa Kenser who have disappeared, he tracks their scent to Gallows Hill.

Throughout Gallows HillEdit

Season ThreeEdit


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