Juniper "June" Rodriguez
Biographical information

1986 (age 27)

  • Undead
  • Unknown
  • Vampire
Family information
Supernatural information
Cause of death


Killed by


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First seen
Last seen
  • TBA


An irrational thinker who doesn't believe in love and doesn't trust the "good ones" as she believes everyone should have some bad in them. She trusts easily and has a deeper bloodlust than most because of her rash nature.


Long, blonde, tangled hair and pale skin and pale, blue eyes. She has freckles over her nose, is tall and skinny, and wears too much dark eyeliner.


Her parents divorced when she was six and she lived with her dad until he died when she was nine. Her mother couldn't be located so she was bounced around in care homes until she met a vampire when she was seventeen. He needed a spy for his enemies and recognized her pitiful life, turning her. She was captured by her sire's enemies who tortured her but, pitying her, told her to run and never look back. She located her mother and, heartbroken, killed her in a fit of rage. She then turned off her humanity to mask the pain, and once she eventually turned it back on, she was never the same.


Season OneEdit

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