Katherine Bishop
Biographical information

1974 (age 39)



  • Photographer


Family information
Family members

Jonathan Bishop†
Henry Bishop†
Charlotte Bishop†
Scott Bishop†
Eve Bishop†
Laura Wallace
Peyton Wallace

Supernatural information
Significant sires


Cause of death


Killed by


Played by
First seen
Last seen
  • TBA


Kate is a woman who knows how to take care of herself. She is very smart, manipulative and often acts cold towards others. Kate carries a lot of emotional scars and tries to hide this by acting strong and tough. She will often use others to carry on her dirty work but she likes to do things on her own.


5' 9" (1,75 m), Blond Hair, Icy Blue Eyes, She is a tall and slim Caucasian female. She often seen wearing dark jeans, small tops and low-heeled boots . Sometimes she will wear more fashionable clothes when dealing with clients.

Back StoryEdit

Kate was born as Katherine Bishop in the village of Chester's Mill. Unlike her older sister, Laura, Kate was never busy with keeping up her appearances. From a young age, she knew that there were things in the world that were not natural. When she turned 18, she left her home to become a photographer in New York. She met a wonderful man who later turned out to be not so wonderful after all. Recently Kate has had a strong urge to return back to Chester's Mill where is will be reunited with her sister and cousin, Peyton.

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