Miles Mason
Miles Mason
Biographical information
  • 1997 (age 16)
  • Alive
  • Student
  • Untriggered Werefox
Family information
Family members
Supernatural information
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Last seen
  • TBA

Miles Mason is a member of the Mason Family and the Morgan Family.


Throughout Gallows Hill

Season One

In The Darkness, Miles is revealed to have been kidnapped from the Mason Home, but by whom remains a mystery.

In Sacred Grounds, Miles is being held hostage by The Family and Austin White reveals that he rejected his blood, Miriam Bonvalet reveals that the Masons are not Human but Werefoxes. Miriam had been feeding on Miles and expresses how delicious and exquisite he tastes, she gives Miles to Olivia Pleasant to feed on so she can recover from the burns.




Season One

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