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The Dimension of Rorrim

This article is about the other world of Rorrim. You may be looking for the species of Human which inhabits it Rorrimian.

Rorrim is a lower world, separated from Earth and other dimensions by The Great Wall. Rorrim is a sizable moon of super sized rocky planet, it comprises three kingdoms and an underworld.


Location Content
Home - Gallows Hill (Town) - Sacred Grounds (Location) - Gallow Hill (Location) - Gallows Forest
The Old Church - Gallow Hill Cemetery - Gladeside High School - Gallows Hill University - Town Hall
Founder's Council Sanctum - Keeper's Rest - Rorrim - Oblivion (Location) - The Other Side (Location)
She'ol - Tartarus - Pleasant Farm - Gallows Hill Hospital - Sheriff's Office - Mayfair Family Home
Mason Family Home - Morgan Mansion

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