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The Other Side
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Hell Dimension


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This article is about the Location, you may be looking for the episode of the same name - The Other Side.

The Other Side is a part of the larger realm of She'ol, it was created by the witch Qetsiyah in order to trap her lover Silas so he will never be able to find peace but this also trapped all other supernatural species, including herself. The Other Side is a purgatory where supernatural spirits are either allowed by Higher Beings to pass on and find peace or to allocate them to the lower dark realms such as Oblivion or Tartarus. A number of Corporeal beings can access The Other Side, such as Angels, The Oracle, The Anchor, and those in possession of the Bitorian.

Location Content
Home - Gallows Hill (Town) - Sacred Grounds (Location) - Gallow Hill (Location) - Gallows Forest
The Old Church - Gallow Hill Cemetery - Gladeside High School - Gallows Hill University - Town Hall
Founder's Council Sanctum - Keeper's Rest - Rorrim - Oblivion (Location) - The Other Side (Location)
She'ol - Tartarus - Pleasant Farm - Gallows Hill Hospital - Sheriff's Office - Mayfair Family Home
Mason Family Home - Morgan Mansion

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