Gallows Hill
Season Fan Specials, Episode FS8
There's No Place Like Home episode
Air date Fall 2014
Written by CarolovesTVD
Directed by CarolovesTVD
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There's No Place Like Home is the eighth episode of Fan Specials side-series of the Gallows Hill (Series).


HOMEWARD BOUND - Peyton Wallace (Maddie Hasson) and her mother, Laura (Denise Richards), a former actress, move back to the Chester's Mill, a small village overlooking the town of Gallows Hill, after Laura failed to built a career in L.A. Peyton is soon drawn to the mysterious Shane (Avan Jogia) who has a dark secret. Does his secret having anything to do with the latest murders in Chester's Mill ? As the bodies start pilling up, Peyton faces her greatest fears and discovers that the village that she once grew up in, is more then it appears...


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  • The story is set in the present day (2014) with flashbacks to the 18th century.
  • The story is set in Chester's Mill which is a village located near the town of Gallows Hill.
  • It will focus on werewolves and witches. There will also be witch hunters involved.
  • The village of Chester's Mill is being plagued by an old curse.
  • Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters have both previously worked together in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer." They also have portrayed a couple in "Supernatural" and in this story they will once again portray a married couple.
  • There will be a murder mystery. Several young girls have been found death over the few months. All attacked by a wild animal.


  • Peyton (Maddie Hasson) and Shane (Avan Jogia)
  • Peyton and Laura (Denise Richards)
  • Peyton (Maddie Hasson), Laura (Denise Richards) and Shane (Avan Jogia)
  • Peyton (Maddie Hasson)
  • Peyton (Maddie Hasson)
  • Josh (Dylan O'Brien)
  • Nick (Tyler Posey)
  • Shane (Avan Jogia)
  • Zoey (Arden Cho)
  • Christopher Grayson (James Marsters) and Vivian Grayson (Charisma Carpenter)
  • Christopher (James Marsters) and Vivian (Charisma Carpenter)
  • Christopher (James Marsters) and Vivian (Charisma Carpenter)
  • Vivian (Charisma Carpenter) and Christopher (James Marsters)
  • Josephine (Elisabeth Harnois)
  • Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Victor (Tom Mison)
  • Victor (Tom Mison)
  • Victor (Tom Mison) and Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Victor (Tom Mison) and Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Victor (Tom Mison) and Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Victor (Tom Mison) and Susannah (Katia Winter)
  • Nick (Tyler Posey) and Zoey (Arden Cho)
  • Nick (Tyler Posey) and Zoey (Arden Cho)
  • Zoey (Arden Cho)
  • Zoey (Arden Cho) and Josh (Dylan O'Brien)
  • Godfrey (Ray Wise) and Beth (Chandra West)
  • Godfrey (Ray Wise)
  • Beth (Chandra West)
  • Claire (Alexandra Chando)
  • Claire (Alexandra Chando)
  • Finn (Holland Roden)
  • Finn (Holland Roden) and Josh (Dylan O'Brien)
  • Finn (Holland Roden) and Josh (Dylan O'Brien)
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